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Affordable and reliable products

At Fratte, we provide you with everything to make your life easier and exciting. We offer a wide range of products to suit different tastes. Everything we offer is of the finest quality because we know that you deserve nothing but the very best. In most other e-commerce stores you may find that the prices are either too high or that the products are or a cheap quality. Here, we are totally against both these problems and therefore give you the double benefits of a quality and affordability.

Garments and kitchen appliances

At our web store, you will find items from some of the most well known brands. For instance, you can get vêtement hanes T-shirts in Canada. These are stylishly loose T-shirts that come in various hues and colors. For cleaning your windows or for decorating them, you can buy from us quality stores de fenêtre et tringle à rideau Canada. Our couteau de chasse et canif are known to be of top quality and are highly durable. In fact, you may not be able to find such quality items even at your local store! For those of you who desire to have the finest kitchen accessories on the market, we have the best items to make your time in the kitchen a joy with our produit proctor silex . For premium quality kitchen appliances, you can get affordable laine patons kroy socks. These work and look good at the same time. Of course, you shall need mops, buckets and cleaning gloves as well, which you can get from our article de nettoyage vileda.

More accessories!

For this winter, we’ve got you covered with laine patons kroy socks. Knitting becomes a joy with items like laine red heart! To keep your food items safe and warm, we got just the thing for you: vacuum bag & accessory! To clean your home well for this Christmas as well as throughout the year, we provide you with sac d'aspirateur et accessoire. Our other items include trudeau kitchen products and article de cuisine trudeau.

Small but realistic car models

Here you can also get quality small car model replicas or modèle à coller revell. This includes models of the latest models as well as of vintage cars. Alternatively enjoy our realistic revell plastic scale model kit. Other items you can get are cartouche d'imprimante brother. So take a look at all these amazing things that we have and take your pick!

Other products

Our other items include Jouets BRUDER, Produits CUISINART, Vêtements BRITISH INVASION, Vêtements LE SHARK, Vêtements TOKYO LAUNDRY, Laine PHENTEX, Fil à pantoufle PHENTEX, Cartes HALLMARK, Produits CRAYOLA and Jouets BOJEUX.

All the best products in one place

The Fratte e-commerce store believes in providing our customers with only the best products. These products are chosen so that your life can become easier, fun and more exciting. We procure our items from well known a company, which means that they are of the finest quality. But does that mean that the items sold here are expensive. On the contrary, the products sold here come at budget friendly prices. They are highly affordable. Thus, you can get the double benefits of affordability and quality. Now, without any further ado, let us now see some of the items that you can get from the store.

Yarns, accessories and lingerie

Take for instance the wonderbra lingerie Canada and red heart knitting yarn Canada. While these are certainly common items that you can get at any store in real life, at the Fratte e-commerce store, you can get these at a lower price. Besides, we offer seasonal discounts too! Other yarn products and brands include laine bernat, patons kroy socks knitting yarn and bernat knitting yarn. Of course, as always we procure these items from the market leaders which makes them some of the finest quality products in the market. You can also buy accessoire de couture at the same time. In fact, many our customers buy these things together.


When it comes to apparel and clothing, you can buy items like hanes clothing.

Catridges and Draperies

To make your working on the computer easy, we provide you with items like cartouche d'imprimante canon and cartouche d'imprimante hp. Everyone want to make their home beautiful and well-decorated. In order to make that a reality, we offer simple things like window blinds and curtain rods. These are made of highly durable materials which shall stay with you for years through heavy use. Side by side, we provide you with beautiful draperies or rideau et draperie. Our website has a wide collection of vileda cleaning products for cleaning your home and keeping it beautiful all the year round. We choose these items based on not just the effectiveness, but also for their safety quotient. This means that these cleaning products are completely safe for the members of your family. These cleaning products won’t damage the surfaces the places of your homes you apply them on, but will clean just as effectively.

Other items

Other items you can get here include hunting and pocket knife and hamilton beach products, all of the finest quality.

A store for every need

At Fratte E-commerce store, our customers always come first. This has always been our mission and vision. To this end, we always provide to our customers the best items on the market. We also offer items which can make your lives easier and happier. Our company procures items for the top companies in bulk and offers it to you. Because of this, we are able of offer the top products at discounted rates or even at vastly slashed rates. In addition, you’ll find that we provide items at generally reduced prices. It is our mission in business to offer you the best products at easily affordable rates.


Sewing as little as a sock for a baby is highly detailed work. It takes considerable amount of time. That is why we strive to provide you with the finest yarns on the market. To get these items we accept supplies only from well known companies with a good record on the market. At our store you can get sewing accessory Canada. Other apparel include vêtement de travail big bill Canada and big bill work wear. These are perfect items that you can wear to your office and corporate meetings. Look smart at all times with big bill work wear. See our curtain and draperie collection too!

Printer Cartridges

Today, technologies and machines like computers have made our lives considerably easier. We offer items which enhance the use of computers such as printer cartridge brother, cartouche d'imprimante, proctor silex products, printer cartridge canon and printer cartridge. These printer ink cartridges are procured from market leader companies to ensure that you get the best in the industry. These items are long lasting, durable and are able to give you a perfect balance of quality and ink volume.


Our toy collections will inspire, educate and entertain your children for hours. We ensure that these are completely safe for the kids. For instance, we don’t sell toys with small parts which are easily detachable and could be swallowed by the tiny tots. We care for your kids as much as you do and therefore offer toys that are completely safe. Buy our products like BRUDER toys and BOJEUX toys.

Clothing and Yarn

Here are some of our items which you may like: CUISINART products, BRITISH INVASION clothings, LE SHARK clothings, TOKYO LAUNDRY clothings, PHENTEX wool, PHENTEX slippper yarn, HALLMARK cards and CRAYOLA products. All of these are newly bought from the market and are of the finest quality. These are some of the finest on the market. While they may cost considerably on your real life store at the neighborhood or at the supermarket, we provide them at discounted rates so you may enjoy using them to your heart’s content.